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ENW is a high-technology consulting company founded in 1980, and specializing in:

  • Scientific consulting;
  • Web design and development;
  • Expert digital photography using the Leica and Panasonic cameras with Leica optics;
  • Design and development of customized scientific and database management software. We concentrate on those projects in which current tools are insufficient to meet the needs of special applications.

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ENW produces high-efficiency, interactive Web pages capable of leveraging the capabilities of high-performance servers on the Web. Our unique interactive page design will provide the output of software residing on vastly efficient, fast computers to the much less-capable systems used by visitors to access the Web.

By offloading the intensive calculations to the server, we are able to search arbitrarily large databases (for example) with just a few simple entries by the user running nothing more than a Web browser on a much lower-performance system.

By utilizing highly advanced software residing on Web servers we can develop applications which:

  • receive the surfer's input;

  • trigger calculations of any complexity, and

  • return results to the surfer.

This breakthrough approach to distributed computing is based on WebHub, the most sophisticated, efficient and versatile web-serving technology available today. This approach has tremendous implications for users of the Web. For instance:

  • Surfers need no longer meet the demands of downloading large programs and keeping them current on the local machine

  • Developers are freed from the concern of maintaining client systems up todate.

Only one version needs to be maintained -- the one on the web server. Surfers remain confident that they will always be running the latest version of the software, or accessing the very latest data online.

An example might be a simple database, such as  homeowners in a residential community like a condominium. Only one copy needs to be kept current. All surfers see the latest data for members of a homeowner association. Surfers can view data in a number of ways, grouped according to their interests, sorted according to their needs. Any level of privacy can be invoked.

Besides database lookup, other functions, including scientific calculations, project management, collections of Web sites of members of professional societies, etc., can be implemented on the Web.

The capability to support any user's needs is limited only by the imagination of the user, the skill of the developer and the Web server computer.

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